13 Jun 2011 | By Matt Robbins | Tags testing

Hi, welcome to ‘OpenSourceTester’, it’s a blog about testing software (primarily web apps) with free tools. I have started this blog for a few reasons:

  1. A place for me to record and cement my thoughts on anything which has proved really useful for me or which has given me significant grief!
  2. To hopefully share some of these issues (and the resolutions) in order inspire others or save them from going through the same pain…
  3. As a scratchpad for me to try out various things on a live site (so if this looks crap in IE6…sorry…).

Finally a bit about the technology behind this blog. Doubtless Wordpress, Tumblr et al are all superb blogging platforms and can produce sites which are significantly more attractive than this one. However in part this is a learning exercise for me so I finally settled on using Jekyll served up by Github Pages, which to name but a few has the advantages of free hosting and the ability to ‘git push’ posts created in your editor of choice…more about this in future posts I hope!

Anyway that’s more than enough for now, let’s see how things progress.

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