Qunit in the cloud - with Selenium Webdriver, RC and SauceLabs

30 Jun 2011 | By Matt Robbins | Tags testing qunit webdriver selenium javascript

I’ll steer well clear of the debate around peoples preferences for Javascript unit testing frameworks and just settle on the fact that when all’s said and done Qunit seems to be the one most commonly used.

Some of the devs in my team wanted an easy way to run Qunit tests against multiple browsers, and whilst I would have loved to offer them a local Selenium Grid and a bunch of VMs I couldn’t…the maintenance and cost overhead would have been too much.

However, I had been using the great service provided by the folks at SauceLabs for my Cucumber tests and thought that this would be a quick win for running Qunit tests against a bunch of browsers. Essentially SauceLabs provide a Selenium Grid in the cloud…and provides support for both Selenim-Webdriver and ‘old-school’ Selenium-RC.

I had previously used a nice little project written one of the people at Sauce for running parallel Cucumber tests using Selenium-RC, which can be found here.

Note this uses the excellent parallel gem to allow easy multi threading, and you may also want to check out parallel_tests for a super easy way of running Cucumber tests across multiple cores.

Taking cucumber_sauce as my starting point I added support for Selenium-Webdriver and got rid of the Cucumber overhead (no need as all we are doing is hitting a single Qunit test page).

I ended up with qunit-sauce, nothing clever and most of it was taken from the original project by Sean Grove (thank you Sean)…but it will certainly serve a useful purpose for my team…and hopefully squash a few extra bugs on the way!

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