How to maximise Gvim in Ubuntu

01 Oct 2011 | By Matt Robbins | Tags gvim vim ubuntu

Something that has always troubled me is getting GVim to maximise when using Ubuntu…“WHATTTT” you say “that’s easy…just add this to your .gvimrc”

set lines=999
set columns=999

Well that did work - but it always moved Gvim into another workspace - one of those things that doesn’t really matter, but never the less you just can’t let go…it annoyed me everytime I opened GVim.

At last I have found a much better solution…one that I am sure any seasoned Ubuntu user knows about but which I had never heard of…Devilspie

Roughly speaking this is what you do:

Install devilspie:

sudo apt-get install devilspie

Create a script:

cd ~/.devilspie
touch max_gvim.ds

Edit the script and add the follwing:

  (contains(window_name) "Vim")

Add devilspie to your startup applications and voila…maximised GVim!

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