Modal Dialog Present exception Selenium-Webdriver

23 Mar 2012 | By Matt Robbins | Tags testing webdriver selenium capybara ruby

Let me tell you an incredibly boring story…

We have a scenario where a user clicks a link on a test page, some JS runs creating a cookie, the page reloads and then the cookie is read by JS on the next page as it loads and then is deleted.

In my test I wanted to assert that the cookie was created and the only way I could do this using Webdriver was by popping up a JS alert on the test page when the link is clicked to delay the page reload and then using Webdriver read the cookies.

#whilst the page reload is blocked by the JS alert
cookie = page.driver.browser.manage.cookie_named 'foo'
alert = page.driver.browser.switch_to.alert #using js alert on acceptance test page to stop execution and allow time to check presence of cookie

This hack worked fine and served the purpose it was intended for….

That was until the guys at Selenium got all responsible and my tests started failing with webdriver throwing a ‘Modal dialog present’ exception.

I can’t find anything in the change logs but it looks like they have done this deliberately which makes sense…why would you want to interact with the page when a modal dialog is present????

Oh well…thought I would just mention it in case anybody else was wondering why this had happened!

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