Passing parameters to a downstream Hudson (Jenkins) job

03 Aug 2012 | By Matt Robbins | Tags testing ci

I wanted to run an acceptance test in a downstream job. However I needed to grab the value of a build parameter from the upstream job. It turns out Hudson (Jenkins) does not support this ‘out of the box’.

You can add a plugin, however this was going to cause a time delay in my environment as I did not have admin rights to do this.

So a thought struck me…trigger the downstream job from the shell in the upstream and use the REST API.

Now this is all fine and to be fair there is reference on the Hudson wiki but it is not totally obvious.

You can’t do a get with a query string it needs to be a POST with params, below is an example using curl.

json="{\"parameter\": [{\"name\": \"NAMESPACE\", \"value\": \"test\"}, {\"name\": \"ENVIRONMENT\", \"value\": \"production\"}], \"\": \"\"}"
curl -X POST $url -d token=FRAMEWORKS --data-urlencode json="$json" -k -E "/data/certs/mycert.pem"

You’ll notice you need the security token in order to run this. This can be set in the upstream job ‘Configure > Trigger Builds Remotely > Authentication Token’

The funny thing is I did all of this and then realised the version of curl on the Red Hat 5 system I was on didn’t support –data-urlencode, luckily –data sufficed for my needs.

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