Setting two space indent for Gherkin Features in Vim

26 Nov 2012 | By Matt Robbins | Tags testing vim cucumber

Users of Vim (or GVim, Macvim etc) who write Gherkin Feature files will know that for most installations (on Mac certainly) you appear to have auto-magical support for Gherkin Feature file syntax i.e. nice colours, auto format etc.

This is possible because the distribution of Vim installed on the machine, or which you installed comes shipped with Tim Pope’s excellent vim-cucumber plugin.

If your Vim does not ship with this you should most certainly install it right away!

I have always auto-indented using gg=G and never really thought too much about the indent level. It turns out that presently the vim-cucumber plugin does not specify this (although I note that it is commented out in the source at the bottom of the syntax file)

My vimrc defines this globally as follows:

set expandtab
set tabstop=4
set shiftwidth=4

So of course I was getting 4 level indent in my feature files.

The current team I am working with was not keen on this and I can see their point it does seem excessive, 2 would seem more than enough and in fact is what is used in the examples on

So how best to do this?

One option would be to navigate to the file relevant to your Vim install location:


And change this line:

" vim:set sts=2 sw=2:

To this:

set sts=2 sw=2

This is a hack though (when you reinstall vim this change would be lost) and will need to be done for all copies of vim on the machine.

The answer is to use Vim’s ftplugin functionality.

First of all you need to switch this on in your vimrc, adding the following:

filetype plugin indent on

The you have two options, firstly you can create a file ‘~.vim/after/ftplugin/cucumber.vim’ and add the following:

setlocal expandtab
setlocal shiftwidth=2
setlocal softtabstop=2

Or add the config directly into your .vimrc:

au FileType cucumber setl sw=2 sts=2 et

This is obviously common knowledge to experienced Vim users but may be useful for anybody out there who is relatively new to Vim and wants to customize syntax on a per language basis in a clean way.

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